Virginia football has reached a minimal level of competency which they hadn’t achieved since 2014 and it’s one of the most basic marks in sports.

The Cavaliers are above .500.

If you buy the Bronco Mendenhall Kool-Aid, this program has no depth, they are weak on special teams, and they are mentally in shambles still from the days where Mike London must have forgot how to teach his players how to act when you are winning.

There is truth in all that Mendenhall is selling.

Yet, Bronco is a good coach. Some BYU fans would argue a great coach because the Cougars, who may have gone 9-4 last year in Bronco’s absence, are just 1-3 to start this year.

The problem with what Bronco says is soon none of it will matter.

Coaching is a tough job. Granted, it’s a little easier at UVA, where the expectations are low, but still winning extends contracts while losing shortens them.

Virginia is an academic school. Its fans aren’t stupid. Now is the time to be grateful that the program isn’t a complete joke, but how long will it be until the Cavaliers are able to do something that is out of their comfort zone?

This team over the last three seasons hasn’t always been able to beat everyone they were supposed to beat. This year they have.

How far have they come?

Is it far enough to where the game on Friday against Boise won’t be a total embarrassment?

Is it far enough to where (god forbid) Virginia can actually compete with Boise?

Is there even a fragment of reality where UVA walks onto that blue turf in Boise and earns revenge for the 2015 blasting Boise brought them in Scott Stadium?

Or will it be a 56-14 Broncos victory over Coach Bronco?

This game is another chance for a football team to do something people don’t expect them to do. If they can handle the mental hurdle then Bronco Mendenhall is showing more improvement that real UVA football fans can actually get behind.

In 2014 Virginia did something other than spend a portion of the year with a winning record.

They upset #21 Louisville. Nobody thought it was possible.

Boise State isn’t ranked. Earning a win seems equally challenging and a win would be unexpected and a true spark heading into ACC play.

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