– The Chiefs were 8 of 13 on 3rd down and had 29 first downs. The Redskins have struggled in recent memory on the money down and committed several penalties to aid the Kansas City effort.

– Washington possessed the ball for just 12 minutes outside of the 1st quarter. The Chiefs owned T.O.P outside of the Redskins having the ball for 10 of the first 15 minutes.

– Kirk Cousins, without much help in the run game, averaged 9 yards per pass. Cousins found ways to move the ball without much help from Chris Thompson….

– 2 targets. Chris Thompson was only targeted twice in the pass game. This is an egregious error for D.C. Thompson has proven to be the team’s swiss army knife and his best strength is making defenders miss in the open field, which he cannot do when the team only tries to get him the ball twice through the air.

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