Former Redskins’ legend Joe Theismann joined Brian Mitchell and Scott Linn from radio row in Miami to preview the Super Bowl and share some thoughts on the Redskins.

On Dwayne Haskins’ improvement as the season continued:

“[Dwayne Haskins] improved leaps and bounds from where he first started. I really believe, and this is not a knock on him, I guarantee you he wasn’t really into the playbook in the early part of the season because he was 3 [on the quarterback depth chart]… what I was impressed with was when he got pressed into service, he became more and more prepared… he didn’t have to call any timeouts because he couldn’t get the play in. He ran the huddle in an efficient manner, he throws the ball well.”

On the most important thing that Dwayne Haskins has to do next season:

“The most important thing that [Dwayne Haskins] has to do is stay healthy enough to learn… We all have to wait and see. I think he has the leadership capability, we know he’s tough, we know he throws the ball well and we know he moves well. Those are all givens. Now we have to be able to see how he transfers into a new system and what we are going to look like as a football team around him.”

On what the Redskins need to add the most this offseason:

“It looks like Chase Young is going to be the guy the Redskins want. But we need a tight end bad. Look at [the Super Bowl], this game is basically Kittle versus Kelce. [Tight ends] can beat people.”

On Patrick Mahomes:

“I see somebody who is unique to the game of football, not because of his athleticism. We see guys that can run around, we’ve seen guys be able to move around and throw the ball. But he does something that I think is really unique. When he moves, he has so many different arm angles to be able to release the ball. If there’s a defensive end that thinks he wants to go up and knock it down, Mahomes can drop it down and go under his armpit. There aren’t a lot of guys that have that type of ability with their arm to be able to move and do that.”

On Ron Rivera hiring:

“It’s incredible. He brings class. He brings stability. He brings a culture, which we talked about before, but this is really a true culture where there’s an expectation.”

On Scott Turner hiring:

“Scott’s an interesting one. Because he only called four games at the end of the season, but like I said, we see what young minds can do. They’re pretty creative. It’s going to be a little trial by error, but that’s fine. He doesn’t quite know what to expect, but they don’t know what to expect from him. That’s the good news.”




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