As seen in the video above, two Houston Astros players, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman, apologized Thursday morning for their role in the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. After the star players made their brief statement, they immediately walked away from reporters and did not answer questions.

On Thursday’s Doc and Galdi  on the Team 980/95.9 FM, Doc and Galdi view their actions as a sign that the Astros just want to “try to address this and move on”, but that certainly will not be the case, especially when new details about the scandal continue to surface.

Astros owner, Jim Crane, also spoke today, stating “These are a great group of guys, who did not receive proper guidance from their leaders.”

“Just so gutless,” Galdi exclaimed. “To blame the two guys who aren’t there anymore. Zero taking of ownership of this. Just pathetic that you could swing and miss for a second time like this is just amazing to me.”

In Doc and Galdi’s eyes, the Astros have “swung and missed again”. We’ll see if they change their approach next time.



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