ESPN Senior NHL Writer Greg Wyshynski joins The Kevin Sheehan Show to help us understand why the Capitals are in a funk right now.


“They’re in a funk! These things happen; I mean lately I think you could definitely say, you know, it’s no secret that (Alex) Ovechkin is the guy that drives the bus on this and when he’s in a bit of funk as he’s been as he chases 700 (goals) that has a trickle down to a lot of other things. Having (Evgeny) Kuznetzov out of the line up obviously has been a factor lately, but this overall defensive mélange speaks to what a lot of people have been wondering about the Capitals which is, what are they going to do potentially bolster blue line before the trade deadline? I don’t think it’s any secret that adding another defensemen to the mix is going to be essential going forward. I know there’s a lot of panic right now because they’ve been so ordinary in their last 20 games, it’s just something that happen sometimes when you’re in this league. They’re still in a pretty good position, the Penguins could end up in first place in short order, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to stay there. I have full faith still in the Capitals even though they’re in a real spin right now.”


“Ooo that’s a tough one, and it’s not fair to (Todd) Reirden because Barry Trotz is one of the best coaches we’ve had in the last two decades. The idea that overall, that not only Trotz, but the entirety of his staff are better than what the Caps have now, I can agree with that. It doesn’t mean Reirden is not a good coach and his staff isn’t good, it just means they’re not quite as good as a guy, who literally because of his system, can elevate a very average Islanders team to being a playoff team. I know there’s a lot of panic about Reirden, and I think some of it is in some cases warranted. I mean, when your resume is that of defensive coach and this team is this porous defensively at times I think it’s only natural you’re going to catch some of the blame. But I like Reirden, and I think it’s tough to square the idea of ‘let’s panic and do something this coach,’ with the idea that they’re still up a point for first place in their division; in a extraordinarily competitive division and conference. Like something has gone right this season, it’s just that, it’s not really going right right now.”

Up next, the Caps will host the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday night 7:00p, at Capital One Arena.

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