Curses appear to be real on this particular morning ladies and gents.

Usually I’m a skeptic as to karma and superstition when it comes to a game played by professionals, but it’s becoming hard to doubt that the District of Columbia has some sort of bad ju-ju.

People who wear the same pair of underwear for every game gain bane from yours truly. Yet, if you root for DC, I say bring out all the stops at this point.

The Nationals lost game five of the NLDS continuing the drought our nation’s capitol is experiencing when it comes to its pro sports teams attempting to make the conference finals.

In a chaotic, wild, abstract 5th inning that saw a medley of factors enable the Cubs to put four runs up on the board including a potentially missed call on a Javier Baez back swing that hit Matt Wieters in the facemask and could have ended the inning, an errant throw on a passed ball, a catcher interference call, and Max Scherzer hitting Jon Jay allowing another run.

Then in the 8th, with two outs and two Nats on, with Trea Turner at the plate, a replay of Anthony Rizzo tagging out Jose Lobaton, who was originally called safe, was overturned and ended the Nationals threat.

Washington couldn’t find the offense in the 9th to rally.

At home.

In Nat’s Park.

Oh lord.

Fans are furious at everyone and everything.

Fingers will be pointed.

It will be hard, but I wouldn’t point them.

That 5th inning described above had never happened in baseball history.

If you want to point fingers, find a sorceress or wizard and have them point their finger at the ball clubs from D.C. and let’s alleviate this curse.

After last night, it’s getting old.

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