Chances are whatever sport you were watching this weekend, there was a call or two that you probably didn’t agree with. If you are a Jets or Niners fan, you have a bigger beef than some of the others out there. Heck, let’s take it over to baseball where the Nationals among others were having issues with replay and the umpires.

Let me preface this by saying, I’m all for instant replay as I don’t like the argument that human error is part of the sport. This next part though goes against that statement in that I’d also like to see looser interpretations of the rule. Did Jose Lobaton’s foot come off the bag in game 5? Yes, it did but would anyone have complained if he was called safe. Was there some sort of contact on the Pierre Garcon offensive pass interference? Yes, but would the Washington Football Team have complained if it wasn’t called either way? Now these are two different examples, but to me, we need to adapt the NHL way of deciding things late in terms of, it really has to be blatant to be called. To me it seemed like Zach Brown caused the contact more then Garcon did. It wasn’t the main reason the 49ers lost, but it was certainly a factor considering they would have been in decent field goal range and the playcalling may have changed.

I’ve said it the past few weeks on Hardly Workin’ that I really don’t know what a catch is and that it’s ridiculous that in the end zone you have to do a lot more to complete the catch then you do on the field itself. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins scored that touchdown against the Patriots on Sunday, but the officials didn’t see it that way. Sterling Shepard scored a TD against the Eagles

Dan Le Batard continues to mock how the NFL uses chains to determine first downs and that a league that makes millions of dollars can’t think of anything better technologically that can do it better. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to spend my Mondays talking more about the players on the field then the officials whose influence is getting felt more and more.

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