Ian Rapoport made news Thursday when he and NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo disclosed that Trent Williams had communicated with the Redskins that he either wanted a new contract or to be traded. Rapoport joined Friday’s The Brian Mitchell Show w/ Scott Linn and shares that Williams’ demand “wasn’t an official trade request.”

“It was more like, ‘I’d like a new contract’, and it sounds like the response from the organization was ‘We’re not there yet’,” Rapoport stated. “He didn’t play last year, so what kind of a player are they getting? It’s a legitimate question.”

Rapoport adds that his report dates back to last year around this time when Williams wanted a new contract and the previous regime didn’t oblige. He suggests, however, that the Redskins would “strongly consider” trading the seven-time Pro Bowler if a team were to blow them away with an offer.

“He’s 32, needs a huge contract, and didn’t play all of last year, and had a very scary medical situation. Will someone actually trade for all of that,” Rapoport asks.

Michael Silver said on an appearance on the NFL Network Friday that “Nobody has called Washington saying ‘We’d like to talk about coming and getting Trent Williams’. However, he remained optimistic saying “Maybe that’ll change”.



The Washington Redskins’ culture was a huge topic of discussion last season. Former team president Bruce Allen described it as “damn good” back in October, but many called Allen’s bluff. Rapoport sheds light on how Washington has been perceived under its new regime.

“Getting rid of Bruce Allen raised the overall respect, the Q-rating of the organization, and cleared away some of the nonsense,” he began. “The new regime in general is something that’s gotten the Redskins more respect.”

The NFL Network reporter also suggests under what scenario the Redskins would take Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa at number two.

“If they literally had to take Tua because this is going to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for the next 15 years, I think they’d take him there and figure out everything else.”



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