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The College Football Playoff rankings came out over the weekend and in my mind the committee got it wrong and Alabama should not have been put in. Putting the Crimson Tide in tells me that conference championship games don’t matter and that you can schedule garbage out of conference and get away with it. Alabama’s non-conference slate wasn’t as garbage as Washington’s was last year, but there should be no FCS teams on your slate. I looked at a couple of factors and really USC has a better profile/resume then people think.


Record: 11-1, 7-1

SOS: 56

Ranking the wins: LSU (18), @ Mississippi State (20), Florida State (30), @ Texas A&M (45), Fresno State (56), Ole Miss (59), Arkansas (75), Colorado State (77), @ Vandy (83), Tennessee (92), Mercer (149)

Average Sagarin Win: 64

Loss: @ Auburn (8)

Ohio State:

Record: 11-2, 8-1

SOS: 28

Ranking the wins: Penn State (6), Wisconsin (7), @ Michigan (21), Michigan State (25), @ Indiana (52), Army (64), @ Nebraska (74), Maryland (80), @ Rutgers (99), UNLV (118), Illinois (126)

Average Sagarin Win: 61.09

Losses: Oklahoma (5), @ Iowa (22)


Record: 11-2, 8-1

SOS: 16

Ranking the Wins: Stanford (11), Stanford (11), Texas (28), Utah (37), @ Arizona State (40), Arizona (49), UCLA (51), @ California (53), Colorado (66), W. Michigan (88), Oregon State (131),

Average Sagarin Win: 51.36

Losses: @ Notre Dame (10), @ Wazzu (27)

As you can tell, the Trojans have the best average wins and the toughest schedule. Yes, they lost two games, but they did not have a bye week nor did they get too many opportunities to “rest” like Alabama did Mercer week and Ohio State’s games against UNLV and Illinois. If we’re simply going to take teams with the least amount of losses, then UCF really deserves to be in the mix since they have zero. The system is a bit flawed when the committee puts in a team who didn’t even play in their conference championship and is considered to be the third best squad in the SEC.

Also On ESPN Richmond:

4 thoughts on “The College Football Playoff Committee Got it Wrong

  1. Matt:
    I’m not sure how a one loss SEC team is trumped by a two loss Pac-12 team or a two loss Big10 team? Assuming roughly equal conference strength, the least losing team ought to go. Do you really think that USC and OSU are better teams that Alabama?


    • brosephs on said:

      Here’s my problem with solely using losses….then UCF gets that 4th spot because they have none. I’m saying that there are several factors in play here. Alabama had the easiest schedule by the Sagarin Ratings of the three. Who is to say that Ohio State and USC don’t have one loss in their schedule. Also, USC and Ohio State (who I despise and hate to be defending) are getting penalized for challenging non-conference opponents (Notre Dame and Oklahoma) while Alabama skates by with FSU, Fresno, Colorado State and Mercer.


      • If it was an apples to apples comparison, I’d agree with you. UCF plays in the AAC with the likes of East Carolina, the Natti and the Smooshers. Not exactly SEC competition. I totally agree that Wisconsin should have made it over ‘Bama if they won out. Their conference is every bit as good as the SEC and their record would have been better. Do you think that OSU is a better fb team than ‘Bama?


  2. brosephs on said:

    I do not. Then again, the only saving grace of this whole thing for me is watching Urban Meyer squirm. I think USC is very close especially now considering they’ve been playing a lot better since the start of the season and have not had a bye.


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