If you’ve listened to Dan Le Batard’s show, you know how passionate he is about Miami sports and has called out Rob Manfred many times to come on the show and answer for what’s happened to his city. Well today, the two sides met on the airwaves and the interview was as explosive as you would have thought. Depending upon your side of this argument, you probably thought one side won and looked better then the other.

Before we get to that, let me reveal that I was a long time Marlins fan. As a youngster in Philly, my dad never pushed the Phillies on me so I considered myself a baseball free agent. I loved the Steve Avery Braves and since I was a pitcher, how could I not fall for Greg Maddux too. After that, I moved to the expansion Marlins and enjoyed watching them from afar. I suffered through two firesales before I said enough. Just to show you how big a fan I was, I went to many Phillies, Orioles and Mets games in their cities when the Marlins would play. I love Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo and have plenty of Marlins memorabilia.

If someone so far away from Florida can feel this way, imagine what the city is feeling themselves. People are saying that it’s not the Commish’s job to find out what the owners are doing, but I disagree vehemently. As far as I’m concerned, one of my highest priorities as commissioner is competitive balance. Go back to the Chris Paul to the Lakers trade that David Stern shot down because of competitive balance. Granted it’s a different sport, but I’m not letting someone buy a team if they can’t afford it and if they are going to sell off assets. Good luck trying to make money now when your new stadium that the city paid for is going to be empty a ton.

Manfred wanted Derek Jeter to own a team or at least give the facade that he was in the mix. Jeter is a polarizing figure and even though he’s not playing on the field, people will be interested in what he’s doing. To me, I’m not selling a team to a guy who can’t afford it. Listen to this interview and tell me who you think got the better of this:

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