You ever hit the snooze button when you know it’s a bad idea?

You’ll lay there for a bit in a brilliant, yet terrible, half-sleep trying to determine whether you want to commit to going back to bed or just get over it and wake up.

Often times when you watch a team that is struggling in an individual game or one that has underachieved all season we dismiss them as “bad” or “overrated” or “poorly coached”.

These were all fair criticisms of what has been happening at the campus of UofR.

Not right now, though.

A four game win streak doesn’t save the season.

A four game win streak isn’t going to erase the pain Spider fans and players felt struggling through the team’s non-conference slate.

I don’t care how hard the schedule was. There were games that this team appeared to sleepwalk through.

The real answer is likely that the starters hadn’t forged enough chemistry together and the rotation hadn’t found the right balance in regards to the role players.

To a fan it looked like the team opted to hit the snooze button.

They’re awake now.

A four game win streak in which billed star scorer Nick Sherod scored a career best 28 points yesterday for UofR is indicative of that.

A four game win streak to help a team be above .500 in conference play despite the fact that Richmond was buried in a record *destined* to be under .500 overall.

It has to feel great for this group to look in the mirror and see a 5-3 record in the A10. That has to be the metaphorical caffeine they needed in order to stay sharp and stay alert in this (still early) phase of their season.

Things won’t be easy moving forward.

Just because the team appears to have figured something out doesn’t mean they can relax.

When you ignore your alarm you are cutting time on everything that goes into your morning routine.

You have less time to eat breakfast, read the news, and brush your teeth.

The Spiders have less time to make moves to save their season.

A road trip to Davidson provides another chance to climb the standings. UR already beat Davidson at the Robins Center but the Wildcats will be a different beast when the Spiders have to play them on the road.

None of this means they need to rush. They can still impress by being pragmatic and taking care of their business within the conference.

The Atlantic 10 this year is a one bid league. Rhode Island is the clear cut choice. St. Bonaventure’s RPI is 48 but they are just 3-4 in the league.

Richmond shouldn’t worry about any of that. All the Spiders should concern themselves with is simple, what have they done these last four games that has helped them get the results they want?

If they can answer that question, then this four game streak won’t become an anomaly.

It will be looked at as a turning point.

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