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According to multiple reports, The Redskins have traded a 3rd round pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller with the Chiefs for QB Alex Smith.

ESPN is reporting that Smith would sign a four-year extension with the Redskins, averaging $23.5 million per year with $71 million in guaranteed money.

The trade cannot become official until March 14th.

Acquiring Smith is a positive because it allows the Redskins to mentally move on from routinely having to deal with their future relationship with Kirk Cousins.

He is the first QB to lead the NFL in touchdown-to-interception ratio (26 TD, 5 Int, a 5.2 ratio) in one season and then change teams the following season, per Elias. Although on a contrasting note, it now seems likely that Kirk Cousins will become the first QB to throw for 4,000+ yards in three or more straight seasons to change teams the following year.

The deal comes at a price that affects the team’s defense.

Kendall Fuller had one of the best seasons this past year for any defender on the team.

He is young, spent time in the area playing his college ball at Virginia Tech, has improved immensely, and is inexpensive.

The risk the team is attempting is based off their belief that Fabian Moreau, last year’s 3rd round pick, will be able to step in and replace Fuller.

Regardless, the fact that Smith will receive $71 million guaranteed is strange. Seems odd that a franchise that was unwilling to make a commitment to a player they saw up close over several years is so willing to do so with a QB they are less familiar with.

It also seems illogical that after paying Kirk so much over the last few years, now they will gain nothing by losing him. Especially if you believe all that guaranteed money would  have been enough to get him for at least sign a three year contract.

For more on the trade, be sure to tune into Sportsphone at 3pm and Hardly Workin’ at 4pm on 99.5 and 102.7 ESPN this afternoon.

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