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Last week our station spent a lot of time focusing on one simple fact, the local A10 basketball teams needed to begin closing out their seasons by gaining as much ground in the standings as possible in order to earn a top four seed in the conference tournament.

Man, they both blew it.

Richmond started things off on Tuesday with the toughest challenge of them all. A road trip to Rhode Island. The Spiders lost, but all was not lost. Then, they couldn’t take advantage of home court advantage against an under-manned St. Louis team and lost that one. Despair was beginning to set in.

VCU opened their week with a tough one against Davidson. The Rams lost at the Siegel Center in that contest, then went on the road to GW and got blasted. Some Rams fans seemed to begin to check out on the team.

At this stage in the season you can’t go 0-2 in any given week if you have aspirations for greatness when you’ve been as underwhelming as both squads have been.

I’m not saying either team doesn’t have a chance to run the table in the A10.

Just that the probability for it to happen has diminished greatly after last week.

Momentum is a huge factor in any sport, and instead of creating some, both schools simply leaked what minimal fuel they had in the reservoir.

There are less reasons for optimism and a greater sense of apathy growing among supporters of either team.

Instead of handling a pragmatic climb in the standings, both schools now have a bit of a desperate one.

VCU still has the tiebreaker over St. Louis and one bad week doesn’t sink a ship completely. But in a year where neither team has really shown anyone any consistency, it’s hard to continue to believe in either of these squads unless you’re a diehard.

I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from being as hopeful as possible for their team to find success.

All I’m saying is: both of these basketball teams now have their backs totally against the wall with absolutely zero margin for error if they want to gain some momentum to win it all in DC starting on March 7th.

The question now becomes, will the lack of success last week awaken a fire buried deep in either of these programs? Or will they fold and close out their seasons with a whimper?

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