Dear Richmond sports fans,

It is time for my yearly plea to you the readers to give the NHL Playoffs a chance. I know I just lost some of you already, but I think you need to experience the coolest postseason in sports. Yes, it’s hard to find the puck at times and yes, you probably don’t know a lot of the players, but that hasn’t stopped you in the past when it comes to the Olympics or other sports. I don’t want to hear you can’t find the game on television because cable companies make these things called guides that help you navigate the channels quickly.

Let me help you find a team to root for or a reason to watch. There are the Vegas Golden Knights who have surpassed ALL expectations as an expansion team and are the number one seed in their division. Vegas games are as fun as you would think they would be with all the bells and whistles of a casino. They’ve also got a good team and play a fast uptempo style of hockey. There’s also the Nashville Predators who have the affection of all of country music’s bigger superstars and that building gets LOUD. They also get all the best anthem singers and there will be gratuitous shots of Carrie Underwood as well.

On the Eastern side, of course I’d like you to join the Flyers bandwagon. Remember the Richmond Robins? They were a Flyers affiliate so there has to be some fans of them who want to latch onto this year’s Philly product. I know Philly fans can be tough to love, but this is a gritty team and the Penguins are the equivalent of the Yankees or Patriots so why not root for the underdog. There’s also the Capitals who may not be around that long so you’ll want to jump on that bandwagon while they are still playing.

Bottom line, this sport deserves your attention. You’ll thank me for it and you’ll agree that playoff overtime hockey is the best thing in sports outside of March Madness




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