Las Vegas has started to release all of the point spreads and win totals for next year’s NFL season. I decided let’s take a look at the schedule and see if there’s some value. The wise guys out West have the Skins at 7 wins meaning they will probably finish 3rd in the division behind the Giants who are at 6.5. CG Technology also released the spreads for a lot of the games. Here’s the rundown for Washington.

Week 1: Skins +1 @ Arizona

Week 2: Skins -3 vs. Colts

Week 3: Skins +3 vs. Packers

Week 4: Bye

Week 5: Skins +7.5 @ New Orleans

Week 6: Skins -1 vs. Carolina

Week 7: Skins -1 vs. Dallas

Week 8: Skins +3.5 @ Giants

Week 9: Skins +2.5 vs. Falcons

Week 10: Skins +3.5 @ Tampa Bay

Week 11: Skins +3 vs. Houston

Week 12: Skins +6 @ Dallas

Week 13: Skins +7.5 @ Philly

Week 14: Skins -1.5 vs. Giants

Week 15: Skins +8 @ Jaguars

Week 16: Skins +5.5 @ Tennessee

Week 17: NL vs. Philly

Overall, Washington is favored just four times according to Vegas with three of those being by two points or less. CG Technology is very down on Washington and I’m not quite sure why. They didn’t take a step down with Alex Smith although his weapons are worse. The defense is going to be good because they were solid before the injuries began in 2017. I think the defensive line gets better and the linebackers will put pressure on the quarterback. The biggest question will be the secondary and if they can cover people. I disagree with several of the games where the Skins are home underdogs. The one thing I do notice is even in the games where they are listed underdogs, it’s a small number and in some cases it’s the 3 points given for homefield. After training camp is over, I’ll have a better idea of how good this team is. Right now, I have a small lean to over 7 wins, but I think you can wait until after camp.


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