Let me start this out by saying that I’m just a casual NBA fan who really gets into it more when the Sixers are a better team. If I was a diehard NBA fan though, I’d be very worried about the health of the sport and have some issues with how things are playing out.

The playoffs, outside of a couple of round one series’, have been absolutely awful and it’s because of the talent disparity. We’ve had nothing but double digit finals in the semifinal round when you are supposed to be showcasing your four best teams. Instead, we are essentially getting seven coronations for the home team for the most part. The Warriors are so much better then everyone else in the league and that just shouldn’t be the case. How can someone fit four superstars under a salary cap? That just can’t be the case.

As I said on my show “Border to Border,” the NBA probably gives the least amount of fanbases in the league hope before the season begins. If you are an Orlando Magic fan, why should you care about the 2018/19 season coming up? You’ve got no shot at the playoffs nor do you have a shot at contention for awhile. No premiere FAs are coming to that city because of how far away they are. The sport has basically become an arms race for several teams.  I’ll say this…I hope the Sixers get LeBron James because it will be nice to be relevant for a longer period of time. It would not be good for the sport though if he lands there. It basically means the East is Boston vs. Philly and the West is Golden State vs. Houston once again.

So how do you fix things? That’s on Adam Silver, but I’m getting rid of the Western and Eastern Conferences when it comes to the playoffs and ranking teams 1-16. I’m also shortening series in the first couple of rounds to three games and five games before playing the NBA Finals in 7. I know it’s TV revenue leaving, but I can’t imagine too many people outside of Cleveland, Boston, Oakland and Houston are really enjoying these proceedings. Finally, I’m changing my free agency system somehow because a sport with a salary cap should never allow what the Warriors are doing.

The NBA just has to look over at hockey who is having a fantastic postseason. The Vegas Golden Knights are gathering so much mainstream momentum that I bet Stanley Cup ratings will be higher then it has been in the past. You may not know a single player on the team, but the city embracing it’s squad is capturing others as well. The NHL has had a lot of compelling storylines and if they actually knew how to market their guys, the sport would be flourishing more.

The NBA has a problem that it needs to fix or else it might as well contract down to 4-8 teams and leave everyone else in it’s wake.

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