I’ve seen a lot of tweets and texts from listeners who have their opinions regarding Bryce Harper and his Vegas fandom. Most of them are crushing the guy for rooting for his hometown team instead of his more recent hometown team. They say you have to throw all other allegiances out the window when you go to a new city. Unfortunately for those folks, I couldn’t disagree more. Bryce Harper is a Vegas kid and that’s what he’s always going to be known for deep down. Yes, he’s doing great things for the Nationals and could probably run for Mayor in DC, but at heart he’s a Vegas kid. There’s something to be said for a city’s passion for their first ever pro sports franchise.

Fandom is such an interesting thing to consider. Everyone knows that I’m a Philly guy and that’s never going to change. Since moving here though, I’ve adopted state schools and teams and have become fans of them as well. I won’t say which side I lean on, but I can honestly say that if any of them play Syracuse or Temple, then I’m not going to root for them. I’m sure this is something Bryce Harper didn’t really want despite him saying publicly how fun this series would be. I’m sure Bryce is getting flack from Max Scherzer, Ryan Zimmerman and some of his other teammates for his team’s performance.

I’d ask the people against Bryce Harper’s Vegas leans to ask themselves if they would be disappointed in their children or significant others if they didn’t root for the hometown team. I’ll admit that I liked the Braves and 49ers early in my childhood because both were always on TV and that influenced me until my father said that our household was Eagles everything. Fans can only hope that Harper’s loyalty to the Nationals is as strong as his loyalty to his Vegas hockey team or else they could have another reason to root against him. This, though, is not a reason to be against the Nationals superstar.

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