– 2018 is rapidly becoming the sports year of the first timer with the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Capitals both winning championships for the first time. Washington’s players spent the weekend taking the Cup all over and pushing the limits of how much alcohol one can put down. The parade is today and the sheer number of fans flooding the street is pretty incredible. Caps fans now have the unenviable task of trying to purchase everything possible with Stanley Cup champions on it. I’m still trying to add to my cache of Eagles Super Bowl gear and still don’t think it’s enough. It’s amazing what they can slap that logo on in order to get the fans money.

– Not necessarily lost in the whole thing, but Vegas is still an incredible story for what they were able to do in their first year as an NHL franchise. The Golden Knights drew a lot of fans and haters for their journey. It’s good to see that Sin City can support a hockey team and it will be fascinating to see what they do when the Raiders come to town in a few years. To those who were against what VGK did, the team simply played within the rules of the system laid out by the sport. We shall see if Seattle has the same success when they join the league in a few years.

– I hope you are ready for a full offseason of LeBron James rumors that will range from normal to the sublime. If LeBron wears a green shirt, someone is going to interpret that as him going to Boston. It’s going to be long and grueling, but we’ve gotten through it before and will do so again. If you are reading this though LBJ, go to Philly and you’ll beat the Warriors.

– Regarding what Bronco Mendenhall said, I think he put some things out there that weren’t necessarily meant for public consumption. He said that he wanted to get out in front of the media reporting things erroneously, but unless he told anyone that he believed he had only 27 acc-caliber players, that would have never come out. I also don’t like the statistics that he rattled off regarding players who go on to the NFL and have single parents. He better be right about something like that because if he’s not, it doesn’t look good. I don’t think he regrets saying any of that stuff in the meeting, but he may when it becomes a topic in July at ACC Media Day.

– Football is coming and we can get through this slow time together folks.

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