After careful deliberation and with heavy hearts, the Tri-City Chili Peppers have decided to suspend operations for the 2020 Coastal Plain League season. While there are a number of factors that have led us to this decision, it all comes down to our fans.

From day one, we promised our fans an experience like no other. From singing in the stands to dancing with players, our fans were going to be as much a part of this team as our players, coaches and staff. We even had record-breaking attempts lined up that would have put us and our fans in the Guiness Book of World Records.

We never imagined the challenges we would face in the last ten months and, with the support of our amazing sponsors and community, we met every single challenge head on and came out on top. But the one challenge we cannot conquer is the uncertainty of just how many of our wonderful fans we will be allowed to let through our gates come July 1.

The 2020 inaugural season of Chili Pepper baseball was going to be filled with excitement and entertainment. It was our chance to show the Tri-Cities what we are all about. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, our first impression would be nowhere near as impactful as we envisioned. Suspending operations for this year allows us to shift our focus to 2021 and continue to support our sponsors and our community.

Our goal now is to find roster spots for as many of our players as possible so that they can throw on a uniform, lace up their cleats and take the field this summer. We hope to see many of them back next year, suitng up for the Chili Peppers.

To all our fans, sponsors, players, coaches, staff and host families and to the community that we call home, we thank you for all of your support and cannot wait to see you at Shepherd Stadium in May 2021. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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