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Coach of the Month

Source: Call Federal / Radio One Richmond

Please give a big round of applause to our November, Call Federal Coach of the Month, Darryl Johnston of LC Bird High School.  Darryl was selected for his impact with students and players of the LC Bird High School football team.  Brought to you by Call Federal Credit Union.  For more information visit

– Watch the video interview here –

Read some of the comments left by Johnston’s students…

Darryl Johnston –

“He deserves it more then anybody I know. He gives so much back to the community, you would think he was millionaire. He was wife and four kids, but he still makes time to buy all the kids at the park ice cream, school supplies and he drives us all around the city for games. His JV football team drags everybody they play. He is a GREAT coach, man, husband and friend . He deserves a lot more than just “Coach of the Month.”

“He is Great at what he does, He loves his students and they love him back. Not only is he a coach but a mentor as well. He does in home counseling and goes above and beyond his work title to help the kids in the community. I think Darryl Johnston should be Coach of the Month!”

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