Coming into Nats Park after a series in Philly: “It was definitely different, but it felt good. After 3 days in Philly and being part of that group…getting used to the city, things like that…. it’s just coming to another stadium and trying to do my job.”

Back to the Nats as a visiting player: “Definitely weird on the drive here, but I’m excited for the next chapter and looking forward to it.”

What the fan reception will be: “It’s a part of sports, I hope I get a great one, I know there will be some boos and some cheers…I’ll always remember the good memories here.”

On facing Max Scherzer: “It’s gonna be tought, one of the best pitchers in baseball, Cy Young winner…I knew signing back into the east it’s gonna be ajuggernaut, you’re gonna have to face deGrom, Snydergaard…so it’s definitely tough…have to face Scherzer and Stras and Corbin, it’s great pitching, I’m excited to this…and face Max I guess.” Later in the interview: “I’m not gonna try to look at any of his eyes.” (laughing)

More on being booed or cheered: “It’s a part of sports, I know I’ll get some tonight, it’s a party of it.”

Playing the Nats so early on in the schedule: “I didn’t look at the schedule…probably a week before…to be able to come back the 2nd series of the year – it’s pretty cool.”

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