The Redskins 2019 schedule has been released and of course it’s naturally my job to give my thoughts even though we won’t be able to project who will be healthy and what the circumstances will be for either team. None of that matters though so away we go with my thoughts.

Week 1: 9/8 @ Philadelphia, 1pm — The Skins have had their issues with the Eagles in Philly the past few years and we know this will be Carson Wentz’s first game in awhile after another injury. I don’t exactly think this one will go very well for the road team. RECORD: 0-1

Week 2: 9/15 vs. Dallas, 1pm — The Cowboys come to DC for Washington’s home opener. I’m not as high on Dallas as others are. That said I’m not as high on the Skins, but I think they get the win in this one. RECORD: 1-1

Week 3: 9/23 vs. Bears, 8:15pm — Monday Night Football brings the Bears to Washington DC. We know the Skins issues in primetime games and I don’t think that changes here. Chicago’s defense travels and their fans may too. The MNF woes continue in 2019. RECORD: 1-2

Week 4: 9/29 @ Giants, 1pm — Quick turnaround here for Washington and by week four it could be (insert rookie quarterback here) under center for the home team. It’s Saquon Barkley and a lot of nothing for the Giants. With one less day to prepare though, I think New York gets the Skins in this one adding to the rough start. RECORD: 1-3 (Could be a win with Rosen or a rookie)

Week 5: 10/6 vs. New England, 1pm — The Super Bowl champs come to DC to play the Skins. This game may give Washington fans some PTSD from when they had joint practices here in Richmond and Tom Brady carved up the defense. I can’t pick against the Pats in this one. RECORD: 1-4

Week 6: 10/13 @ Miami, 1pm — There will be numerous Skins fans in the stands as the Dolphins continue their tank job for 2020. Washington is the better team here and they get the win. RECORD: 2-4

Week 7: 10/20 vs. San Francisco, 1pm — For the second straight week, Washington is the better team on the field. Jimmy G isn’t coming into FedEx Field and getting a win. My only worry about this game is that Washington has one eye towards their meeting with Kirk Cousins and don’t come into this one focused.¬† RECORD: 3-4

Week 8: 10/24 @ Minnesota, 8:20pm — Quick turnaround here as the Skins prepare for Kirk Cousins and that loud dome. There will be a lot of emotions on both sides of the field. The problem is that most of the points will be scored by the home team. RECORD: 3-5

Week 9: 11/3 @ Buffalo, 1pm — The Bills aren’t a great team either, but the pieces are in place here on defense to make things interesting. In true toss-up games, I usually lean to the home team. Josh Allen could be the difference in this mediocre QB battle. RECORD: 3-6 (Could be a win with Rosen or rookie under center)

Week 10: Bye — Things get really toasty around Jay Gruden who will be mulling a QB change here and freshening up his resume for the offseason.

Week 11: 11/17 vs. NY Jets, 1pm — Two weeks to prep for the Jets and I think we see a really good, prepared Skins team who wins this one rather easily. Sam Darnold won’t know what hit him. RECORD: 4-6

Week 12: 11/24 vs. Lions, 1pm — Once again, I think we see a great effort from the Skins and fans start to believe they are heading in the right direction. I don’t think the Lions will be that good this year. RECORD: 5-6

Week 13: 12/1 @ Carolina, 1pm — Things come crashing down as the Skins lose in Carolina. Cam Newton has a big game and the Skins offense gets stuck in the mud. RECORD: 5-7 (Could maybe be a win with Rosen or rookie under center)

Week 14: 12/8 @ Green Bay, 1pm — Will Aaron Rodgers be mopey in the huddle? Will he be talking to his coach? It won’t matter as the Skins fall on the road once again. RECORD: 5-8

Week 15: 12/15 vs. Philadelphia, 1pm — By now, it will sound like Lincoln Financial Field South as the Skins fans have checked out. I’ll take the Eagles in this one. RECORD: 5-9

Week 16: 12/22 vs. Giants, 1pm — Should the Skins lose this one for draft purposes? Probably, but they won’t. The Giants will have checked out on the season. RECORD: 6-9

Week 17: 12/29 @ Dallas, 1pm — The Cowboys are probably playing for a Wild Card spot here whereas the Skins are playing for draft purposes. I’d love for Washington to rain on Dallas’ parade here but I don’t think it occurs. RECORD: 6-10

As you can see, I’m not very high on the Skins chances here. This is with the current roster in place. If for some reason they trade for Josh Rosen or draft a rookie QB that will play this year, I’d potentially add a win somewhere. With Case Keenum and Colt McCoy in place at signal caller, I just don’t have that much optimism.

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