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Golden State Warriors v Milwaukee Bucks

Source: Stacy Revere / Getty

The team is finally back together — well, sorta.

For season two of He Shoots, She Scores, Jada picked up a max contract elsewhere, but we were lucky enough to draft a new member, Sukii. We’re in the midst of the 2019 NBA Finals, which has become legendary, to say the least. The Golden State Warriors might be on the tail end of their dynastic run, as an injured Kevin Durant and banged-up Klay Thompson lessens their chance of pulling off a three-peat.

Free agency is just weeks away, and Bruce, who is still a diehard New York Knicks fan for reasons no one can understand, still believes the team will pick up superstars like Kevin Durant, Kemba Walker or Kyrie Irving. Beanz is quick to shoot down his dreams as he capes for his favorite player LeBron James.

Towards the end of the episode, the talk turns to relationship etiquette, with Sukii giving Beanz an impromptu therapy session that we swear wasn’t planned. Listen to the first episode of the second season of He Shoots, She Scores below or on your favorite streaming service here.


He Shoots, She Scores: Is This the End of the Warriors Dynasty?, Free Agency Predictions, & More was originally published on cassiuslife.com

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