The panic meter is varied, if you’re a Redskin fan.

Some are showcasing wisdom. They believe it’s only week one. There is plenty of time for improvement and it’s unjust to scrutinize just one performance. The sample size is minimal.

Some are concerned. They exclaim, “The offense was supposed to be better!” They question, “How can we excel with so many turnovers?!”

Some are already freaking out, believing this is a two win team, destined to lose Kirk Cousins, Jay Gruden, and the entire group of players on expiring contracts.

I predicted this was a seven win team. I had Washington beating Philadelphia on Sunday.

I always knew predictions were for suckers.

This team has a lot of problems. The offensive line doesn’t seem very cohesive in the run game. They pass block at an average level, with their ability to improvise and protect Cousins on an equal level as Kirk’s slightly above the middle-of-the-pack skills.

Negative Skins’ fans look at the 4 sacks allowed in Week 1 and disagree. Optimists are simply happy they don’t have the porous, 10-sack-allowing offensive line of the Texans.

Cousins missed throws. The biggest moment in the game was when Kirk targeted Terrelle Pryor in the end-zone but the pass appeared to be an overthrow intended for Jamison Crowder. Pryor was covered. Crowder was not and without any doubt would have scored.

Cousins fumbled. Twice.

Yes, one was controversial.

Yes, it could have gone either way and the replay officials took a weak, cliched, way out of overturning the call with a classic “not enough evidence to be overturned” justification.

Personally, the call seemed legit on the field. Even if it wasn’t the right call you still must showcase resiliency in a game as fiercely competitive as NFL football and be able to bounce. Don’t use officiating as a crutch, which the team intelligently did not opt to do in the post-game.

The defense showed bright spots, but was a mirror image of last year in terms of not getting opposing offenses off of the field on 3rd downs, where the unit allowed the Eagles to convert 8 of 14 on the critical down.

It is certainly possible that Philadelphia is legitimate. Carson Wentz was a proven college winner, granted on the FCS level, but still, a championship caliber D-1AA QB.

Yet, the additions the Philly front office made in the receiving core didn’t do much in this contest. The defense was not that impressive and the Washington Football Team didn’t take advantage. The Eagles had almost 80 yards in penalties.

There were openings for Washington to utilize. They weren’t able to do so.

The expectation should still be for this team to get a win against the Rams.

Yes, L.A. dropped 46 points. (It was against the Colts).

Yes, Sean McVay knows this offense. (That works both ways).

I’m done making predictions. All I can tell you is that the Washington Football Team need to beat the Rams. If they don’t, then there is a real chance at an 0-4 start with the Raiders and Chiefs on the schedule after the Rams.

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